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Securities Law

We help clients raise money by implementing novel capital raises and forming investment funds. We excel in developing cutting-edge approaches to capital raises that combine the latest regulatory and technological developments.

Clients come to us with ambitious and challenging fundraising needs, and we create an infrastructure that allows them to achieve their goals legally. We do so by navigating seamlessly across securities, commodities, banking, and other regulations—not only across states, but also across countries—to deliver an effective solution.

This is why clients choose us, for example, for initial coin offerings (ICOs), token issuances, and blockchain securities law matters, or to design crypto investment funds or trading platforms.

Examples of securities law work:

  • Write legal memo analyzing whether a company’s blockchain based tokens are likely to be securities or utility tokens under Howey test and the federal securities laws

  • Request no action letter from the SEC to pre-empt a potential enforcement action

  • Create legal documents and advise companies and investors on financing transactions — Regulation D, Regulation S

  • Assist on equity sale and fundraising, token sale, token issuance, token generation event, and airdrop

  • Help entrepreneurs and early stage companies raise money through convertible notes, simple agreements for future equity (SAFE), private placements, angel investments, and venture capital funding

  • Establish investment funds, including private equity funds, venture capital funds, hedge funds, foundations, and investment syndicates